The very beginning of 2010 was more than good – I had been in Spain for almost 3 weeks by then. I arrived just before Christmas and did some SERIOUS training sessions there. Returning back to Latvia came with a bit of a surprise – snow was still there and didn’t show any melting signs. So I went on with my preparations for halfmarathon doing most of my training on 160m indoor track. It looked like hopeless wasting of time, but results told different story – on February I run 1.8’32” halfmarathon in Verona. Only a week later I participated in Latvian indoor championships. I run 3000m and finished 4th with 8’42”.

I spent one more month on 160m track before leaving to well known coast of Barcelona again. On my way I visited Denmark and enjoyed orienteering in Spring Cup. This time there were only three of us but this fact didn’t bother to handle three ~190km weeks and I managed to leave Spain few hours before flights were cancelled due to famous volcano of Island.

Training camp started to pay off and I felt something I had been missing for years – shape. Unfortunately there were no competitions in Latvia to enjoy it. A pain that started as insignificantly unpleasant feeling in my tight was beginning for something much more serious. I spent two weeks visiting different physicians and doctors, but instead of getting answers I got plenty of suggestions and none included running. I took my coach advice and decided to go on with running – if we can call it like that.

I spent Tiomila in lonely darkness, fighting for top 300 with TuMe 3rd team.

My main goal for spring – 23rd of May with Nordea Riga halfmarathon – was getting closer. I had already accepted a fact that I won’t achieve my goal of 66’ halfmarathon this time. I decided to run and quietly hoped to repeat my last year’s time of 1.10’38”, but I did one minute slower. I must mention that weather conditions and course layout were less optimal for high grade result than last year.

A week later I left to Bulgaria to take part in EOC 2010. Without getting into details of small accidents and great successes we experienced on our way to EOC and time in Primorsko, I was happy with my performances and results. My aim was to improve my personal bests in all distances, which I did. The only bad luck was injury I got in middle distance – I smashed my heel by jumping from a cliff and was unable to run long final (it would have been tough challenge to improve my so far 7th place if I had run it). In total: 36th sprint, 17th middle, 13th relay.

Like every year, Jukola came with great faith and will for winning. Few things went wrong before I got my legs going, but my performance was far from necessary and even further from perfect one. Nevertheless I was satisfied with my ability to run first half of course without mistakes in such a demanding terrain.

This year’s biggest Latvian orienteering competition Kapa 2010 was held at my home town – Aluksne. From beginning my plan was to exert only on second day when it was possible to get world ranking points and officially qualify for WOC team. On first day I broke my own rules and run like there were no tomorrow, but, in adventure race type course, didn’t miss only four (4) controls and result was appropriate. I did well on second day’s WRE and took second place losing 9” to Martins Sirmais. On third day I mainly concentrated on injury free race leaving speed in second spot, but I failed and added a bleeding shin to my hurting knee from first day’s fiasco.

It was time to get into more serious business. I run 5000m and 3000m in Latvian athletics championships. Two days before 5000m race I got slight cold which “supported” me for entire 12,5 laps and most terrible fifteen minutes of my life. My time was far from what I had planned- 15’45” and 7th place. Second day came with fairly improved feeling and time over 3000m – 8’57”.

One week later I run another 5000m race. This time it was President GP in Valmiera. I did a few good workouts in last 7 days, gaining some speed and self confidence. We were only five and nobody wanted to do a dirty job – run in front. Exception was my club mate Mareks, who started out too aggressively and no one followed. I spent whole race in front of other three runners and promised myself that none of them will finish before me. 2nd place and 15’15” wasn’t time I had prepared for, but awareness of effort and pain I was able to handle made me eager. See You!