I never really understood people having passion for whiskey. Now I do! What else choice do they have – whiskey is all they do….produce, have, drink, talk, see! It’s only my opinion based on impressions I had driving back and forth through Scotland and impression is all we need to make judgements that can never be changed. Despite the fact that Glenlivet was only 400m away and another one within 10’ run, counting distilleries wasn’t entirely my business going there. It was more about WOC terrains for me.
Middle: feels and even smells like “home”. Most of homework can be done in Latvia + bit of a luck and we are there!
Long: tough shit (I use „shit” word to describe most of the terrains I get to know, it has nothing to do with its actual place in dictionary)! From very first steps to the end. I love it…kind of! Coach draw up two scenarios on how to become competitive in long distance terrain like one in Scotland. Number one: move to Scotland OR Norway 1 year prior to WOC and run in terrain every day. Number two: do few specific training blocks and try to have super legs on race day. Since I only know how to travel in future, I’ll stick to option number two. That requires some careful planning since there aren’t so many time windows for training like that left before WOC, but we will try our best. We always do, don’t we?


????????????? ?????????????
Now I am trying my best here in Sierra Nevada, Andalucia, Spain! Cheers!
P.S. pictures are still from Scotland…..distilleries are missing though!