It’s less than 17h to go till my start in WOC middle distance final. I am all well and eager to focus. First let me tell you a story about a picture below…. It’s me on my first bike (actually I have owned only two bikes so far, but that is not the point). I bought it back in 1998 or so. It had ladies design frame, but didn’t matter much since it was MATT BLACK….matt black dude (it has gone through respray as you see). The big thing is that I collected every single coin to buy it on my own. And I don’t mean birthday presents from grandparents or friends. I worked for it. It all started with empty glass bottles that could be traded for small amount of money at glass waste collection points. Not a fastest way to a new bike! I moved on to work in sawmill during my summer holidays and picking (and selling) blueberries once my work day was over. It took me a while. Like year or two (economical situation after collapse of Soviet Union wasn’t so bright), but finally it was mine. I rode it all time around – no matter day or night, sun, rain or snow. It still gives me thrills to look down one particular slope back home we used to go down on our bikes during winter time when it was all ice……impossible is nothing OR as it sounds even better in Latvian “iespējams ir viss arī neiespējamais!” What does this all have to do with WOC?! Nothing and all at the same time.
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