The choice

Where should I start?!

I was born on January first nineteen eighty five….. Let’s skip 29 years, 4 months, 30 days (or 10 475 days) and go to 31.05.2014. I am running Baltic champs long distance in Lithuania. I trip over a fallen tree at high speed and feel a sharp pain in my right hamstring. Later it becomes apparent that I had injured myself (partial avulsion of hamstring) already a long time ago and that was just a last nail in a coffin for pain to become more present. Not only while sitting in the bus or driving a car, which has been a case for as far as I remember myself doing sports, but also running, walking and sleeping. One option is surgery that would put me off from running for roughly 8 months. Another option is to keep going, see how it goes, do some exercises, treat it…..I WIIL DEAL WITH IT LATER sort-of-thing. Choice was obvious to me!
Lest’s make another jump in time – 11 months, 23 days (357 days) and go to 23.05.2015. I am in Halden, training for World Cup. I tape my left ankle bit to hard and start to develop pain in my heel (plantar fascia). “Not a first time” I think and keep going hoping for pain to just disappear. Another choice made!
2 months, 12 days (73 days) later – I am running WOC and wonder why can’t I perform at a level l expected?! Is there anything wrong with a guy who has both legs injured and a pressure to win another WOC medal? “Everything and nothing at the same time” could be appropriate answer!

It’s in my nature to hit a point of no return and then it’s like finding myself in the middle of a dark tunnel – I know there is a light, but I can’t see it and therefore the direction doesn’t matter anymore. Now it is time to make another choice and try to fix myself. I don’t know how much it will take. Days, weeks, months….but if I chose wisely on the way, I might see the light rather than another wall to hit at the end of the tunnel.

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