Chasing the Sun

One of the things that certainly haven’t changed over time is that feeling I get when I have to leave one place behind and move on to another one. Packing bags as my camp with Turun Metsankavijat came to an end gave me exactly that – THE feeling. It can’t be wrapped in words like black or white, good or bad. It just is!
IMG_3338 IMG_3327

While on a paper camp might not look as impressive as camps from my past, it definitely was a promising start for my orienteering season. I arrived with virtually zero kilometres in my “pockets” over last 4 months, but luckily was able to do running and orienteering almost every day. There was a great team spirit throughout the camp as there was a good line up for those tricky night sessions in sand dune terrains around Guardamar. In my opinion this was also the best organised TuMe camp we had ever had with flags, punching and GPS analyses for most of the sessions. Big thanks to our “jacket team” (aka result pillows) with Lergo, Don Sundman and Hamsteri on board. You did a great job out there for us and we owe you some results!

Top highlights of the camp for me were running my first interval sessions this year, legendary “N” course and one man night relay in Gurdamar North. I also have blurry memories from seeing two local g(u)ys “in action” during one of my technical (corridor aka double snake) training sessions and word Nancy seems somewhat familiar, but I won’t go any deeper into those.

Interval sessions were fun. I enjoyed running fast again, but the funny part was how quickly I got totally exhausted. Running 6 x 1’ with 1’ jog doesn’t sound like a tough job to do, but after such a long break I was suffering after first two or so. First threshold run was best of those – I had planned to run 20’, but knew after first 5’ that I won’t last that long. I run 17’ and not a single step more!

Legendary “N” course was something I tried to put my focus in. It wasn’t like I would specially prepare for that, but at the moment it just seemed something short enough I could actually survive. And I did running best time among TuMe guys with 18’42”. Not bad considering it was my first ever run in Guardamar North map. My orienteering went smooth except for 6th control where my good old lamp went off for a moment and I did 20” mistake.
Scan 2 IMG_3068

One man relay was a lot harder task for me since it was double length of “N” course and definitely felt it during last part of the course where I dropped significantly from leading trio and finished almost 2’ behind. There was a toll for it in coming days too since my injuries sent me a reminders and my leg muscles were out of game for next few sessions.
IMG_3289 IMG_3296

All in all I had great time and I got a good confirmation that there is a hope for me out there. Just need to find and make most out of it!

More core work and team Latvia camp on the schedule over next 2 weeks at home. After that another TuMe camp on a horizon – training and competing in Slovenia. I will continue to move forward, slowly, step by step, no shortcuts.

Photos by Erling Sommerfeldt