Life is a ride

I have always been aware that my life is more or less of a rollercoaster. Up, down, free falling, U turn, up again, peak and free falling again…..and when that get’s too boring then what?? Well there are always options. Like one can ride it with eyes shut and avoid famous post factum phrase of  “I could see it coming”!!
That is how I would describe last 10 months or so. I had 4 months period  of no running at all during fall and winter. Beginning of March I was able to run quite well (to my own surprise) and keep up with TuMe guys on my first camp of a season in Spain. Few weeks later I had disastrous camp with TuMe in Slovenia. Back on track by the end of April during national team EOC camp in Czech and “going down” during 1st World Cup stage in Poland right after that. Doing well during beginning of May with good performances in Latvian champs and Tiomila. Rising up by the end of a month – having that long missing felling of being in shape during EOC middle qualification and “U-turn” the day after when I was far from fighting for top positions in middle final. Missing Baltic champs because of illness and average run in Jukola where I felt amazing during my warm up, but it all changed of a sudden during a race itself. Building it up again through my own WOC camp, Latvian Olympics and FIN5 where I had one of best running days ever during first stage, but it took on a sharp turn again when my hamstring started to hurt more with every next stage of competition. Doing another WOC camp with national team right after FIN5 and bouncing back during last session out there. Running amazing hill training back home and few days later I am in Sweden – not being able to do any proper training on my last WOC camp. 14 days to go….what does this ride hold for me?