Into unknown

The void is surely there. This time it’s not mental emptiness that I used to feel after big championships were over. Probably it has much to do with how well I succeed in particular competition which then determines how big that emptiness is. This time my “void” is physical. Maybe it could be traced back as far as the end of 2014 and I know that it is just my speculation on history without solid facts, but it did start somewhere. It’s been quite some time and I miss that ecstatic feeling of being in shape. Moments when time stops, when one feels invincible no matter what comes and “hitting through walls” becomes a pure pleasure. Instead so often it fells like I hit those walls at low speeds and then I just have to “hung in there” since I have no extra power to hit through. Of course it hasn’t been all that bad since there has been some great performances and flashes of good shape every now and then, but it lacks continuity. Deep down I knew that I haven’t got an edge to fight for top when I arrived at WOC this year.

I finished 26th and 24th in middle and long accordingly (results: which is not my worst WOC results (see 2014 for reference :D), but it’s also far from where I expected to end up. Those where not my best performances from technical perspective, but I am mostly disappointed about losing too much time on running pace alone since even with a good technical job I would have ended just outside top10. If there is one thing to be happy about then it is relay! Even we didn’t have a great start on first leg we managed to finish in 7th spot and 6th position was within a reach. I gave all I had on 2nd leg missing less that 15” in total and despite suffering from very beginning I managed to stay with group and lose less than 1’40” to best times. That is my silver lining – I know that all the years of solid training is still there and even on worst of my days I can still put my sh*t together and fight well!
*photo by Jan Kocbah

So what’s my plan?  I need a complete restart and I have to do it now to be ready for next two years of home championships. It will be unknown territory for me since I have never really been good at “doing nothing” and all my attempts has lasted up to a week or so. It’s not an easy decision to make nor it will be easy to keep myself calm considering all the competition to come later in fall, but time has come!

P.S. I will still enjoy EOC2008 terrain in Latvian champs this weekend and consider Euromeeting middle later in September so we still might see each other!

P.S.S. I will share my status on recovery training since it sounds like an interesting topic to cover!