the Dream Is On aGain

What happens when we succeed on a dream? In my opinion we are left with two options. One — we chase another dream. Second option is not a good one!

A chase has started around 6 weeks ago and I have been doing well, although I have had some minor issues with my legs (too much jumping) and lungs (too much China), but it doesn’t  bother me a lot, since it was exactly same situation a year before. If history likes to repeat itself — let it be!

Main focus during those 6 weeks (averaging 14h a week) was put on basic running and strengths sessions. Highlights include Halikko viesti, surviving Espoo central park, Tiomila camp, Smalandskavlen, legendary and epic TuMe’s Club Match, Skogssport visit at Riga, awarding ceremonies at my home town Aluksne, meeting my supporters and hanging around with good friend of mine — total darkness!

Two „fast” weeks ahead with „good old style” TuMe camp in middle of December and „end of the World” celebration on 20th at Tavastia club, Helsinki city. After that — moving training focus to volume direction, having nice and warm Christmas and main task — becoming 28 (I hope to survive winter conditions till New Year), cause otherwise it would be waste of those plane tickets I have bought to get to Portugal — Albufeira and Alpalhao are waiting. Sounds like a HYPER plan!

Meanwhile make a hot chochlate drink (don’t drink too much!!!) and consider this:

P.S. I will (try to) post more news about my trainings and daily life  on my Facebook profile.