Welcome to Portugal…

…where sun is always shining! Well, not really, but I am happy to have a chance to escape Latvian winter madness. I am at Alpalhao, executing first part of my January camp. Offered terrains are pretty awesome – insanelay fast and technical enough to slow one down (every now and then).

There has been few minor issues holding be back from running too fast:
— had some stomach virus just before I left from Riga — long and interesting story about guy getting hospitalized 6h before new year and his 28th birthday
— my calf les are killing me, but I survived those last year so “nothing special”
— and a nice bonus from todays run (while crossing bloody fence during my day run) can be seen on picture below — won’t hold be back from running too fast, but swimming in the afternoon felt a bit rough. Anyway it could have ended far more nastier than it did. So I am a happy happy…

And now something bit “brighter”:
— I am getting better with every day
— we have some company — Kalevan Rasti guys are here and we are looking forward to have couple of good trainings (competitions?) together
— we still have few very good terrains left to visit before we leave back to Albufeira
— half February and whole March in Spain is now confirmed


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