Sun dust paradise!

Although it has been raining, raining and raining, forecast grants us a hope – it’s gonna be bright, bright, bright and sunshiny day! Tomorrow! Maybe!
Canos de Meca is now giong to be my “home” for nearly 40 days. I was one day late leaving from Riga and I paid for that being totally sick on my way here and during first few days. Luckily I am getting better amazingly fast and tomorrow looks like a good day to “restart” this camp and therefore I might manage to put my self together (at some stage) for weekend races and Andalucia O meeting.

My training “mates” during first day

First steps making it to coast

My first “forest” training went like THIS (managed to run 20′ before weather went totally bad)

With my well known friends from broccoli forest in background :D

AND finally something considered to be training