Sun dust paradise: continued!

Weather is perfect, I am healthy, team mates are doing well, manager is performing at his best (partly because of cheap vine Don Simon), kilometers are rolling and hours are flying by. So I am doing very well.
Last weekend I took part in my first orienteering competitions this season – Andalucía O meeting. I wasn’t really recovered from being sick so it was obvious decision to run Saturday’s long distance in training mode. It didn’t work out well and I made lot of stupid mistakes struggling to navigate through green areas. Frankly – I was so pi**ed off after half race that I couldn’t find any good reason to go on, but, since I needed longer training anyway, I finished race 28’ down to Thierry. However, for every cloud there is a silver lining – lesson learned – I should never race when raining and vice versa.
Sunday came with WRE middle distance and therefore task was more serious. I was one of last starters (based on current World ranking standings) and had overally acceptable race. I was well aware of fact that my speed wasn’t good enough yet so I had to push it over my limits at some point. I did two 30” mistakes and lot smaller ones too which put me into 6th position 3’30” down to Thierry. Martins did decent race and finished one spot before me. GPS tracking replay is also available here, but old fashioned hand drawing can be seen below.


Yesterday we did one of TuMe camp highlights – relay type night training. I felt surprisingly good and, having to do my own job (forking left me alone early) for most of the course, I was able to keep my navigation in control for most of the course. At least I „won” this „race”!


Our team runner, masterchef and photographer in one person - Erling Sommerfeldt took some amazing pictures just before we started training and I am sharing some of those with you!




IMG_6354 IMG_6383

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  1. Ecky

    Sun is shining and S**t is flying, surprisingly even in Sweden! Keep up the good work boys!!!!