Sun dust paradise. Chapter III: Summertime Sadness

Everything has its price! My eagerness and hunger for training is not an exception and I had to pay. I did 3 weeks of solid training, but totally „forgot” to include some easier days in my schedule and there it was – slight sickness, anxiety, insomnia, continuous tiredness (Summertime Sadness??) and all that stuff that comes with overtraining – knocking on my door and handling over a „bill” I had to pay. However, I could have blamed it on weather conditions since it was raining nonstop and wind had power of storm, but it would sound very silly considering that I am in Spain and very close to Africa. I managed to pay on time (more or less) and my „receipt” included only 2 key trainings, few strength sessions and some map trainings as well. In other words – it was time for second restart of this training camp! I had to get away from Canos de Meca and training for few days. I went to Malaga to pick up Kristine from airport, we had booked a very nice hotel room at Marbella, we met my running team mates (they had training camp at Marbella) and went to visit small town called Ronda. All together it left me exhausted, buti n a good way. I started my training with good swimming session on Monday (a week ago) and was able to move on with harder training along the week. On Saturday morning I managed to do very solid middle distance race at local competition and even did easy sprint race in Vjera la Fronteira in afternoon. I had my long training planned on Sunday and I did long distance race (which wasn’t so long) as part of it. Only thing was that I missed my start time with 4’ and was pretty tired at begining of race, since I had to push quite hard on the way to starting place (it was sandy 2km uphill with ~100m climb). I did few stupid mistakes on slopes and also on open  field, but most important was that running felt good and I was able to keep good training pace all the way.
Now I am a bit smarter….at least for a while….and we had a day off (well, only morning run and swimming at the evening).
We tryed to get close to Africa. Trip was worth it, even we didn’t make it to Gibraltar, since I forgot my passport!

Competition results:
Middle distance route
LigaAndalza middle

Another interesting O task solved
Circle training

Next time we will make it. Maybe!


How I see Africa!