Fast Forward:

Riga – snow, winter and disappointment
Winning Latvian XC champs
Slightly sick, leaving to SWE.
„Hitting the wall” @Silva League long distance, but otherwise good (considering sickness during whole week).
Moving to Tiomila neighborhood. Adjusting wake up time for last leg. Works bad and feeling is total sh*t. Fell on rocks and injured my leg.
Deciding to go to Vuoaktti at last minute and having great (can’t be said about weather) trainings with Danish team. Still in winter!
Still struggling with running speed in forest during Baltic champs. 3rd in long distance and getting boys to 2nd spot in relay after dramatic fight on non-forked last leg. At least and at last summer is here and I am at same place! Doesn’t happen to often lately….
Feeling better!
Coming to Finland to run TuMe’s selection races for Jukola. Night is total disaster, but managed to recover (also mentally) and win competitions on Sunday. Jukola is going to be tough stuff.
Running same hill training as year before. Same date, same place. Feeling is awesome and result is almost perfect match to last year.
Latvian champs in my home town Aluksne. Looking forward to sprint race, but screwed it up in forest part (my favorite part) and was completely doomed when lost my shoe in MARSH – yes, in a marsh, during sprint race! Long distance went much better and I was able to win with more than 5’ gap to 2nd place. Although my performance wasn’t perfect, but rather good for type of „jungle” we had to fight through. Was able to keep good pace and even speed up towards end.
Seems that I have injured myself without noticing it!
Terrible infection in my left eye turns out to be more serious then I suspected and I am suggested to go to hospital. They wanted to keep me there for a week or so explaining that I can lose my vision, but that was not an option. Feeling better after 2 days of treatment (including antibiotics injected straight into my eye) and on my way to Turku. Visiting doctor in Turku to get more opinions about my eye – „it should heal, however slight blurriness can never disappear!” I never learn from my mistakes (at least when it comes about sprint orienteering) and did run WC spectators sprint race. Skipped 3rd control, run back, missed even more on 11th, ended up in 24th spot. IN SPECTAtors race! Middle distance next day could have been pure enjoyment, but I decided to run with glasses as suggested. Missed more than 4’ on one control near the end (passing it with 2m). Took off my glasses and realized that I will never run with those again! Slightly better position – 13th spot and 4’45” down to Jonne Lehto.
Drove 8h to Vuokatti and here I am – trying to forge that living hell out there (middle distance terrain) and I love it! For real!

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