You only know you’ve been high when you’re feeling low

Original headline for this was intended to be „WG to WC”, but one above just felt to be so true. I have to indeed be grateful for what I have achieved this year also after WOC (high) and only now – after being sick before last World Cup and doing average results in those races (low) – I finally appreciate it.

DSC_0562 sprinta sacensības Edgars

I guess I haven’t said this either, but I am really satisfied with ALL of my performances during Wor(l)d Games -an event that took me to my second trip to SouthAmerica – Columbia this time. Maybe my greatest advantage (and mistake same time??) during competition was that I had no high goals set for those races. Having those would just put too much pressure on me since we all know how unimportant time schedule tends to become when we go to places like Columbia. Should I tell in details? Apart from reading wrong leg I run pretty decent sprint race even I was still struggling with time difference (I always do) and heat was ON even for me. Even better in middle – 6th place with only 12” gap to silver medal. Could have gained those in lot of places during race, but could have lost more as well. Relay was our lucky day – we just had to punch all the right controls to get 6th spot. Turns out that it’s not always about speed and technical skill – lot of top teams got DSQ for punching wrong controls!

Since my main focus for fall was driven towards World Cup last stage in Switzerland, it was quite obvious that I would go to CISM games for a good training, although it might had something to do with fun I had after coming back from WG. I finally started to work improving my sprint skills and run few of those during weekend before Finnish middle distance champs. Nor digging into details – I succeeded quite well.

Finnish champs was a perfect test race to see if here is still something left in tank for my main goal. And there was! Maybe it had something to do with fact that I could only do better than before since I had never made it to final before. My qualification run wasn’t brilliant, but good enough to take 6th spot in my group. My performance in final was strong enough for 5th spot, though it could have been smoother and therefore 1’ faster (mistakes). I run first leg on following day’s relay and did well there. Was aiming to have around 1’ lead coming to changeover, but forking on second last wasn’t so advantageous for me!

Got home, unpacked, packed, got into car, on boat, Germany, drive, 2 days later we are in Italy! Training (I am, not we) for WOC2014 and doing two races, also getting inspired by terrains and surroundings in general. Main goal there was to have right kind of eyes to understand what will all be about and what little „things” will count when THE day comes. Apart from that I had to fight my Summertime Sadness (can’t  escape that) and – very unluckily – sickness that joined me 3 days before World Cup and has been a very reliable friend almost till now. So there wasn’t much to expect from myself during races in Switzerland. I managed to do well in middle distance considering my overall feeling during traveling there and days before race itself. 16th spot might not sound as top result, but, believe me, it was since I struggled to even walk on my morning run few hours before! Not even miracle could have helped me for following sprint race so my only goal was to punch all the right controls and get those 2 WC points for taking 40th spot in final.


Few thousands km and I was home for 12h, didn’t even bother to do packing part and left to Finland – TuMe’s Jukola camp came early this time. Still felt my reliable friend (sickness), but got better with every step I took around HILLSIDEs (and those are steep out there).

That’s about it! I won’t do any summary about this season in numbers and will start with my preparations for next year soon instead. There was one thing I was interested in – turns out that I have been home for 101 (LOL) days this year so far. Impressive! Maybe! Will it be similar next year too?? Can’t tell, but one thing is clear – there is no such thing as the end….just new beginning!


ITA_Camp_2013_september 007