Black is (still) THE color

Guess what? I bought a new scanner and since it’s Christmas time I will try to give you some fun! This time I have few training from latest camp in Karhuranta including Turun Metsankavijat 50 year’s anniversary competition featuring former stars like Mikko Black Rider Knuuti, Petri Rintala, Sami Kaariainen and more. It kicked off with night training on Friday. It was bloody cold…something like -3C and I was freezing during my warm up. Nevertheless this turned out to be best training for r me during whole camp –  no mistakes (not big ones) and could run meaning my legs were still ok after Thursdays weight training (who could know that it will kick in only after 2 days?!).
Saturday was even colder. Probably -5C! TuMe’s 50 years competition was on Schedule and I was looking forward to win (sure). Terrain – as good as it gets in Finland – amazing. I had Mikko chasing me with 2 minutes and the bet was made – 1000 EUR….IF for some mysterious reason he would catch me till first control! It really got me flying I must say, but that was the first and last control I didn’t miss (well almost). As a result I was 4’38” down to Jussi Juppu Suna and made it to 5th spot. At least I had a winning speed (conclusion based on split time analysis) Results

Saturday’s night out was a real highlight. Total darkness in other words. It was best terrain I had seen in a while, but my skills where few lightyears behind. OK I got a first control, but that was about it. Spent some time on 2nd one trying to figure out if it is missing and considering to quit! Apart from all the other controls I missed, 11th was something special. Because I didn’t find it at all! My lamp started to turn off just when I realized that had no clue where I was and I only had backlight of my Suunto Ambit guiding me West. And beyond any logic I found central control on my way and decided to give my lamp another chance. It worked! Did last loop and was about, 20’ slower than Douglas Dougyllito Tullie.

We returned there next day for long training and it seemed to be a nice place after all!

Excellent camp! Nothing can beat 10 guys living in same room, sharing same sauna and going out there no matter what! I am already looking forward to beginning of next year when we meet again. Thanks to Mr. Juha Sundman Suntila together with „jacket” crew including Kari Lehto and Jouni Weedqvist for taking care and guiding us towards light. „Our little group has always been and always will…”

P.S. history lessons and statistics coming soon….I hope so!

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