The Weight of Love

I know I have been lazy, but with writing only! Reality is quite the opposite. Just like history likes to repeat itself, I was trying to deal with ALL of the possible things at time towards the end of the year and again I paid for being „greedy”. There was simply too much – TRAINING, parenting, renovation of apartment and therefore moving to Cesis, Christmas and on and on… I was close to get away with it and felt fine even after NY madness, but I was on „the list” and got sick few days after becoming 29 (and 1st of January). Well at least I had more time for all the other things apart from training. I am almost well now and I have done few short runs out there. Actually there is only one left before I leave to Albufeira tomorrow and it will surely be nice one cause we finally have some snow here…but I already know that one time will be more than enough.

What refers to future in big picture? Same NOT so boring life will go on. I will spend a lot of time being abroad. Starting with Portugal during winter time, Scandinavia for spring, leaving to Italy for beginning of summer and WOC week getting closer. I will finally try to take part in all stages of World Cup. Fact that my coach Jari Ikaheimonen has announced his retirement from coaching world doesn’t make this task any easier, but I believe I am a big boy already and something is telling me that he might not be gone forever. So those will be things I will try to keep you updated about….and let me know if I am lazy again!

I am proud and happy to announce that all of my current sponsors and supporters will continue to help me on my big goals in sport and life. Inspecta, Eco Baltia, Massive Dynamic, Eko Osta, Eko Gāze, Adidas, Isostar – thank you all for your belief and support.

So! You are probably slightly confused thinking „what does the headline has to do with this article”. Well I can explain it to you! For ages people (even scientists?!) have tried to measure it in one way or another. Like – how big, true, great love can be. I have an answer!

3,33kg and 54cm here




4kg flat and 58cm here


and growing!!

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