All the characters mentioned below are fake and whole story is a fiction…after all, every time we talk about past we tend to lie with every breath we take….

The whole idea rose like a sprout from an ancient seed when I was visiting my home town and my parents few months ago. Since there was a lot of my old stuff and „history” left lying on the shelves I decided to have a little bit of sentiment. I  read few old letters, laughed at very funny pictures and found two calendar books (black) that might have been a prototype for that  training diary (called “the black book”) I am having now. Not to mention that those are quite different from looks, also content is quite shocking even for me! How on Earth I was expecting to win medal in JWOC 2005 with that kind of ATTITUDE and THAT little training. I won’t go into details, but „party book” would be more appropriate name for that material and reading through I started to feel like  most boring person on planet!
After a good laugh and warm memories I decided to take a look on maps from JWOC itself and my FUN continued – this part I am willing to share also with you!

I don’t have a „glue” about schedule there, but as far as I remember long distance was first on the list and there were no qualification race for that.
If I look at it now – a bit tough because of climb, but nothing too special…slightly longer course with only few tricky controls. Our runner back in 2005 had totally different opinion. He started out well and was in the lead after punching 3rd control (or maybe even 5th) because of „interesting” route choice to control number 3, but that was it. „Total darkness” stroked along with consequences. Controls number 7 and 8 are the highlights. It seems that he has had problems with drawing his own route choices (mistakes??) and there is no doubt he didn’t have a clue of where he was….but he had enough luck instead to accidentally run into right places and finally find those. Also route choices are sometimes hard to explain and we will never get to know I guess! He finished in 60 spot almost 28 minutes (??) behind winner Olav Lundanes. Rumors say that they both met during race, but our hero here didn’t even „bother” to follow. Silly bastard!
He tried his luck, or should I say lack of it, also in middle distance. It looks for me that he was out of any control already during qualification. First control – avoiding climb and playing it smart – good route choice, NOT! Even more interesting second control where he must have been disturbed by some angry animal or very weird human behavior…I can’t find any other reasonable explanation for direction change 100m before control when it’s possible to see „miles” away. At that point he had probably realized that game is lost and made it smoothly to the finish line.
B final wasn’t his goal, but let’s not forget that there was option to run C final as well! He nailed 1st one, but something must have happened with his left leg since he started to „run in circles” on his way to 2nd control, but he got it sorted out soon and luckily made his way out of forest even punching all the right controls on the way.JWOC_2005_middle_FB
Relay was like a dessert for him. On one team with his best mates of the time. What could boost his motivation (and level of stress) for last leg more?! 1st control is 1st control, but the game was not lost yet. Can’t comment leaving number 10 and heading on to number 15 and 16. Those would stay mystery even if I had a chance to ask him personally. If there was one thing he did right (apart from winning banquet of course) then this was it – won final sprint to last control and finish line against Russian team.
Picture says it all!
JWOC 2005 045

6th spot felt almost like winning for a boy who had never even seen real mountains before.

Legend says that he returned to Switzerland 7 years later and had his “vengeance upon it”.

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