It is close, I can feel it!

How? I simply have no other explanation for feeling sick and anxious and being injured. It must be WOC approaching! Sick and anxious that is easy part – curable, but injury… I don’t like to talk about those at all since I strongly believe that we get what we focus on, but I think you deserve at least long story short – it looks nasty (just in MRI) and it seems to be an old injury since otherwise (according to doc) I wouldn’t be able to make it out of forest on my own feet.

Maybe it was bit to much to run 8x1k on my VO2max track training 2 days before Baltic champs?!
Anyway it was Baltic Championships 3 weeks ago when I stumbled and fell running full speed downhill during long distance race. Got up and was surprised being all well. Run remaining 12k and was totally fine (except that I wasn’t really satisfied with 4th place).
Next day’s relay made me a bit suspicious since my right leg couldn’t keep up (even more disappointing was fact that I F up relay for boys AGAIN). Pain was my alarm clock morning after and hasn’t left since. At that point I started to feel slight fever (usually happens when I am injured and eager to go on with training) that was haunting me for 2 weeks. I decided to run WC middle in Kongsberg despite all the trouble and aimed for clean race. Almost success – did one 20” mistake which was great considering that terrain was pure hell and every control was a challenge. Unfortunately my uphill speed was terrible and I lost a lot there. 9th spot was my joy and disappointment same time – with almost perfect navigation I would aim for medal, but on the other hand my feeling was so terrible that I couldn’t wish for more. Long distance on following day wasn’t an option for me. My quads were cramping after middle race and I couldn’t walk downstairs for days after that. Kongsberg was a nice place, I even took a drive or two along the river and over its famous bridges. What makes me slightly sad is feeling that Latvian orienteering society doesn’t  seem to care about TOP 10 results anymore…on the contrary it means THE ONE just has to aim higher than that!

World Cup sprint in Imatra, Jukola and basically everything else was under the question, but I was suggested to go on…carefully and slowly, but still better than seeing my future as underground chemist somewhere in Poland! I decided to run only Q in Imatra…not that I would be able to qualify anyway, but still it was a decision! I had hard time putting some motivation together for Jukola too and managed to get that feeling only hours before I had to go. Since I had to play it safe I was on 6th leg. 29th spot wasn’t exactly best position to be fired up for fight, but on my way out I heard Juha shouting something about 10 positions in four minutes and that is what I did – changed over to Dougilitto (in 19th spot) and sent him out on last leg with a chance for top15, but our luck (was there any…ever??) was over and TuMe finished 22nd.
For safety purposes I have also cancelled my trip to Italy which was intended to be short training camp around Asiago.  Instead let’s take a little trip down the memory lane – some pictures from our time in Lavarone.
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  1. Lapsa

    Veci, piekrītu, ka Latvijas orientēšanās saime ir vairāk aizņemta ar sacensību organizatoru ķengāšanu un TOP10 WC neuzskata par ‘neko dižu’… žēl!
    Veiksmi PČ!