Forget the past, go outside….

The dark times of this summer are over . Can’t deny I had some very bright moments too, but those were more like a short flashlights in middle of a polar night. I run my worst ever WOC and to be honest I don’t feel like there were a World Champs this year at all. You won’t find me on any (well, almost any) of official pictures taken and my results are hidden too…of course if you look closely at the end of the list you might find me there. Wasn’t really what I was aiming for after 7 months of solid training, but life is life and taking big risks has it’s price. Sometimes!  Have to learn from own mistakes….not those of the others cause that basically means not to try at all.

I needed something to put me back on track and turned out that I had planed that „something” long before the trouble started (idea arised in early spring). My little project – a camp for young orienteering athletes called BE_FORCE  was exactly what was needed. For both – future stars of Latvian orienteering society and me! We had a great time all together and now the main question is „when there will be a next one”? The main idea of this camp was to share my experience as an elite athlete and my opinions about life in general. Along with technical orienteering training and advices on basic fitness improvements it all created quite tough schedule (also for me). I had to chose 12 participants age 16-20 and, believe me, it was a tough task. Since I am a perfectionist I admit that there is a decent space for improvements, but I am a fast learner, you know. The best part probably is that it was free of charge and I can only try to put in words how thankful I am to those who supported this idea and made it possible. Big thanks goes to INSPECTA Oy, LATVIJAS VALSTS MEZI & MAMMADABA, NISSAN NORDE, ISOSTAR, MINTPRINT and our guest athlete SCOTT FRASER. As well as all the participants: Kendija Aparjode, Endijs Titomers, Sandra Grosberga, Ilgvars Caune, Uldis Upītis, Vilma Alberinga, Laura Leiboma, Matīss Slikšjānis, Elizabete Blūmentāle, Emīls Vainovskis, Madara Brice, Alvis Reinsons and our Lithuanian „pilot project” Algirdas Bartkevicus!
our little paradise for those few days, thanks LVM & Mammadaba

official shirt and supporters line

more of that shirt!!

a perfect tool for discovering outdoors - new X-trail from NISSAN Norde

While typing this (will post it later however) I am heading to Mora, Sweden for another new experience – running Vasaloppet relay on same team with people you might know – Staffan Ek,  Scott Fraser, Oystein Kvaal Osterbro, Andreas Ahwall, David Nilsson, Ola Nyberg, Frederik Uhrbom, Giancarlo Simion, Martin Holmstrand