It’s less than 17h to go till my start in WOC middle distance final. I am all well and eager to focus. First let me tell you a story about a picture below…. It’s me on my first bike (actually I have owned only two bikes so far, but that is not the point). I bought it back in 1998 or so. It had ladies design frame, but didn’t matter much since it was MATT BLACK….matt black dude (it has gone through respray as you see). The big thing is that I collected every single coin to buy it on my own. And I don’t mean birthday presents from grandparents or friends. I worked for it. It all started with empty glass bottles that could be traded for small amount of money at glass waste collection points. Not a fastest way to a new bike! I moved on to work in sawmill during my summer holidays and picking (and selling) blueberries once my work day was over. It took me a while. Like year or two (economical situation after collapse of Soviet Union wasn’t so bright), but finally it was mine. I rode it all time around – no matter day or night, sun, rain or snow. It still gives me thrills to look down one particular slope back home we used to go down on our bikes during winter time when it was all ice……impossible is nothing OR as it sounds even better in Latvian “iespējams ir viss arī neiespējamais!” What does this all have to do with WOC?! Nothing and all at the same time.
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Supported by Inspecta OY, Latvijas Valsts Meži, Mammadaba, NISSAN Norde, Adidas, Syform second edition of BE_FORCE training camp will take place during 18.08.-20.08.2015 in Spare, Latvia.
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It’s busy time with few days left till WOC starts so it’s good to distract my mind a little bit and do something for future. Therefore I invite junior orienteers (aged 17-20) from Baltic states to participate in 2nd edition of BE_FORCE training camp. Send me your motivation letter in free form, include your future goals, you best results so far and tell me why you want to be part of this camp.
More information will be added to this post later on so pay a visit to bertuks.com from time to time!
Facebook event will be created after motivation letter deadline 09.08. and all the participants invited to join.
Feel free to contact me about traveling options to/from Riga and other questions regarding camp!
See you!


I never really understood people having passion for whiskey. Now I do! What else choice do they have – whiskey is all they do….produce, have, drink, talk, see! It’s only my opinion based on impressions I had driving back and forth through Scotland and impression is all we need to make judgements that can never be changed. Despite the fact that Glenlivet was only 400m away and another one within 10’ run, counting distilleries wasn’t entirely my business going there. It was more about WOC terrains for me.
Middle: feels and even smells like “home”. Most of homework can be done in Latvia + bit of a luck and we are there!
Long: tough shit (I use „shit” word to describe most of the terrains I get to know, it has nothing to do with its actual place in dictionary)! From very first steps to the end. I love it…kind of! Coach draw up two scenarios on how to become competitive in long distance terrain like one in Scotland. Number one: move to Scotland OR Norway 1 year prior to WOC and run in terrain every day. Number two: do few specific training blocks and try to have super legs on race day. Since I only know how to travel in future, I’ll stick to option number two. That requires some careful planning since there aren’t so many time windows for training like that left before WOC, but we will try our best. We always do, don’t we?


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Now I am trying my best here in Sierra Nevada, Andalucia, Spain! Cheers!
P.S. pictures are still from Scotland…..distilleries are missing though!


Tour de South

/everything you find below was actually written few days ago…../

Today I realized that total abscence of witnter has become a part of my life. I don’t mind, don’t  get me wrong, but same time I can’t deny nostalgia that sometimes reaches me even being thousands of kilometers away.  Maybe it has something to do with a fact that we have to leave Portugal tomorrow and head back home. Well it shouldn’t be that bad this year….I have heard?!
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Another important page is almost done. It was one of my „little” dreams as a runner to go to Kenya and see it all with my own eyes. As it often happens, I wasn’t meant to be here when I most wanted it…or when I thought I need it most. Apparently World had a different plan for me. Usually my autumns consisted of rushing around Riga and complaining about shit weather and darkness. This year I signed up for something new. Thanks to my good friend and club mate Scott Fraser who offered me to go to Iten for 4 weeks training camp. It was perfect timing to test high altitude effects since my competition season is miles away (I am not taking part in first World Cup round in NZ) so I did a lot of homework before coming here. Developed lactate test protocol to be able to compare my performance from sea level to altitude, did treadmill test t Olympic lab and even went for hemoglobin mass measurement in Finland. Now the last piece of puzzle is left out and that one might be a tricky one. I have treadmill test scheduled in a few days, but I haven’t been 100% healthy during past days. Honestly – I am sick, I have flu and it doesn’t look like a good setup for „flat out” treadmill test 24h from now. On the other hand I have been able to draw few conclusions already and overall picture looks good, but those are just numbers…. Read on…