Sun dust paradise!

Although it has been raining, raining and raining, forecast grants us a hope – it’s gonna be bright, bright, bright and sunshiny day! Tomorrow! Maybe!
Canos de Meca is now giong to be my “home” for nearly 40 days. I was one day late leaving from Riga and I paid for that being totally sick on my way here and during first few days. Luckily I am getting better amazingly fast and tomorrow looks like a good day to “restart” this camp and therefore I might manage to put my self together (at some stage) for weekend races and Andalucia O meeting.

My training “mates” during first day

First steps making it to coast

My first “forest” training went like THIS (managed to run 20′ before weather went totally bad)

With my well known friends from broccoli forest in background :D

AND finally something considered to be training

Train good!

Hanging around airports has never been my favorite business, but here I am — heading home from this season’s warm up camp in Portugal. Days have been flying by and it’s hard to believe that a month has passed since my 28th birthday (and a New Year). Although this year’s schedule was little different from what I did last year, I have succeeded on main task — getting into shape required for further training necessary  in order to reach better shape! Beginning of camp was bit of a mess, since I had cached a terrible stomach virus just before leaving and running felt like totally new thing to me for a week or so. Nevertheless I was eager to go hard from very beginning of camp and I paid for that — my calf muscles were totally done after couple of harder runs out there in „never seen so fast” terrains around Alpalhao. So now there was one more thing to take care of, but I managed well and was able to do necessary amount of running despite my hurting legs.
I moved South to Albufeira at middle of month to continue on volume training combined with some harder and faster running sessions. I was able to train pretty well (I won’t bother You with statistics about hours and kilometers, but I did significantly more than a year before) and finished off  5 days taper with my VIP (only one athlete allowed at time) 10 km XC test race. I did 31’47” which is 16” slower than last year, but (there is always a but) I had  ~12m/s wind „helping” me NOT on 300m uphill stretch during all five loops and I was using road running shoes instead of proper XC spikes. Sounds silly, I know, but…

Even tighter Schedule is ahead. My 12 days stay at Latvia will require a lot of attention and hurry, but I am ready for that. Most important and exciting event I am looking towards for is signing with my greatest supporter for next season — Inspecta group. Once more I have reached what I have been going for — life as professional athlete and all the benefits that comes with it! Other tasks include training, signing with Adidas, couple of interviews, photo shoot, physio, Kristine’s birthday, visiting parents and few friends.

I will leave to Spain on 16th of February, meet couple of my club mates in Malaga and give a green light for TuMe camp in Barbate. I will enjoy excellent training conditions for around 40 days and keep you updated about my progress.


Pictures above; trying to capture last sunset at Albufeira with my head camera… I was just seconds too late!

Edgars, 03.02.2013

Welcome to Portugal…

…where sun is always shining! Well, not really, but I am happy to have a chance to escape Latvian winter madness. I am at Alpalhao, executing first part of my January camp. Offered terrains are pretty awesome – insanelay fast and technical enough to slow one down (every now and then).

There has been few minor issues holding be back from running too fast:
— had some stomach virus just before I left from Riga — long and interesting story about guy getting hospitalized 6h before new year and his 28th birthday
— my calf les are killing me, but I survived those last year so “nothing special”
— and a nice bonus from todays run (while crossing bloody fence during my day run) can be seen on picture below — won’t hold be back from running too fast, but swimming in the afternoon felt a bit rough. Anyway it could have ended far more nastier than it did. So I am a happy happy…

And now something bit “brighter”:
— I am getting better with every day
— we have some company — Kalevan Rasti guys are here and we are looking forward to have couple of good trainings (competitions?) together
— we still have few very good terrains left to visit before we leave back to Albufeira
— half February and whole March in Spain is now confirmed


Orienteering Achievement 2012

I can feel Christmas approaching! A good explanation for all the big gifts I have received lately. On the other hand, those feel very deserved and valued ones. Thanks to all of you — my fans, adorers and idolizers. Thanks to my family, supporters and friends for helping in every little step I had to take to get so far! Thanks to everyone without exception, cause whatever you did (or didn’t do) out there, it all has resulted in something truly great for me!

Well, here is good answer to all of you who have asked „what’s next?” Being awarded with Orienteering Achievement of the year is great honour for me and whole Latvian orienteering society. “Ice has started to move” over here and we all hope that spring is closer then it seems.
So, what’s next? Off to indoor interval training @Helsinki city!

the Dream Is On aGain

What happens when we succeed on a dream? In my opinion we are left with two options. One — we chase another dream. Second option is not a good one!

A chase has started around 6 weeks ago and I have been doing well, although I have had some minor issues with my legs (too much jumping) and lungs (too much China), but it doesn’t  bother me a lot, since it was exactly same situation a year before. If history likes to repeat itself — let it be!

Main focus during those 6 weeks (averaging 14h a week) was put on basic running and strengths sessions. Highlights include Halikko viesti, surviving Espoo central park, Tiomila camp, Smalandskavlen, legendary and epic TuMe’s Club Match, Skogssport visit at Riga, awarding ceremonies at my home town Aluksne, meeting my supporters and hanging around with good friend of mine — total darkness!

Two „fast” weeks ahead with „good old style” TuMe camp in middle of December and „end of the World” celebration on 20th at Tavastia club, Helsinki city. After that — moving training focus to volume direction, having nice and warm Christmas and main task — becoming 28 (I hope to survive winter conditions till New Year), cause otherwise it would be waste of those plane tickets I have bought to get to Portugal — Albufeira and Alpalhao are waiting. Sounds like a HYPER plan!

Meanwhile make a hot chochlate drink (don’t drink too much!!!) and consider this:

P.S. I will (try to) post more news about my trainings and daily life  on my Facebook profile.