One more step forward

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“Feeling of being a part in a greater plan” describes my experience during recent team Latvia training camp in Mikelbaka, Latvia. With our international guests from Estonia and Belorussia it certainly created a competition spirit that so often is missing on small scale training camps. This was also my first time in last 5 months when I did close-to-race effort for 3 days in a row. Wasn’t that bad…someone with greater knowledge in sports physiology said I did surprisingly well.
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Chasing the Sun

One of the things that certainly haven’t changed over time is that feeling I get when I have to leave one place behind and move on to another one. Packing bags as my camp with Turun Metsankavijat came to an end gave me exactly that – THE feeling. It can’t be wrapped in words like black or white, good or bad. It just is!
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My winter training

My last post here wasn’t too optimistic and not much has changed since……at least there is some consistency in something (my way of staying positive)!!!
For the change, compared to past few years, I am enjoying winter here in Riga, Latvia. Mostly by staying indoors or having my fun driving rear-wheel drive on snowy roads, but not because I would be afraid of cold or snow….after all I was born in part of country where winter used to stretch over 5 months a year. I haven’t been able to run much and skiing doesn’t seem to be suitable for my legs neither. Instead I have spent most of my days HERE:
by learning a whole new world of core, balance and strengths training. Iceberg theory has proved to be true once more – I thought I knew a lot, but life proved me the opposite. It’s been two months with targeted workouts every day and I have made some progress on my hamstring issue when my foot/heel injury doesn’t seem to respond so well even it was considered to be minor issue some time ago. The clock is ticking and I have to start running soon…by any means. I will try again tomorrow!

Meanwhile I have booked my first tickets to Spain on 17th of February where I will be training together with TuMe crew. Kinda late anyway, but I believe I can still do well at the end of May if I play my cards right!

Bright side number 1: with all the core training done I will be beach ready when summer comes!
Bright side number 2: I have learned a few tricks over time

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The choice

Where should I start?!

I was born on January first nineteen eighty five….. Let’s skip 29 years, 4 months, 30 days (or 10 475 days) and go to 31.05.2014. I am running Baltic champs long distance in Lithuania. I trip over a fallen tree at high speed and feel a sharp pain in my right hamstring. Later it becomes apparent that I had injured myself (partial avulsion of hamstring) already a long time ago and that was just a last nail in a coffin for pain to become more present. Not only while sitting in the bus or driving a car, which has been a case for as far as I remember myself doing sports, but also running, walking and sleeping. One option is surgery that would put me off from running for roughly 8 months. Another option is to keep going, see how it goes, do some exercises, treat it…..I WIIL DEAL WITH IT LATER sort-of-thing. Choice was obvious to me!
Lest’s make another jump in time – 11 months, 23 days (357 days) and go to 23.05.2015. I am in Halden, training for World Cup. I tape my left ankle bit to hard and start to develop pain in my heel (plantar fascia). “Not a first time” I think and keep going hoping for pain to just disappear. Another choice made!
2 months, 12 days (73 days) later – I am running WOC and wonder why can’t I perform at a level l expected?! Is there anything wrong with a guy who has both legs injured and a pressure to win another WOC medal? “Everything and nothing at the same time” could be appropriate answer!

It’s in my nature to hit a point of no return and then it’s like finding myself in the middle of a dark tunnel – I know there is a light, but I can’t see it and therefore the direction doesn’t matter anymore. Now it is time to make another choice and try to fix myself. I don’t know how much it will take. Days, weeks, months….but if I chose wisely on the way, I might see the light rather than another wall to hit at the end of the tunnel.

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