Another important page is almost done. It was one of my „little” dreams as a runner to go to Kenya and see it all with my own eyes. As it often happens, I wasn’t meant to be here when I most wanted it…or when I thought I need it most. Apparently World had a different plan for me. Usually my autumns consisted of rushing around Riga and complaining about shit weather and darkness. This year I signed up for something new. Thanks to my good friend and club mate Scott Fraser who offered me to go to Iten for 4 weeks training camp. It was perfect timing to test high altitude effects since my competition season is miles away (I am not taking part in first World Cup round in NZ) so I did a lot of homework before coming here. Developed lactate test protocol to be able to compare my performance from sea level to altitude, did treadmill test t Olympic lab and even went for hemoglobin mass measurement in Finland. Now the last piece of puzzle is left out and that one might be a tricky one. I have treadmill test scheduled in a few days, but I haven’t been 100% healthy during past days. Honestly – I am sick, I have flu and it doesn’t look like a good setup for „flat out” treadmill test 24h from now. On the other hand I have been able to draw few conclusions already and overall picture looks good, but those are just numbers….
One thing is clear – it’s beautiful OUT THERE and so much different from world I live in. If you ever have a chance to go there I suggest you to do it!!
Apart from lots of training related tips and conclusions I have learnt a lot about myself as well. Like, for example, that I am able to survive 1 months without heating (it’s not as warm out there as most of you think), running water, washing machine, dryer and other not-so- important things. Eat same food over and over for breakfast, lunch and dinner and still like it! Very simple – eat, sleep, sleep, sleep, run, repeat! That’s the most popular „profession” around Iten so no wonder that many of world’s top runners origins from here.
I am still left in mystery who has got it better?! Us, who live in huge houses, drive fancy cars, work jobs we hate to buy a shit we don’t need and measure our happiness on Facebook or them, who live in huts, walk bare foot, run and smile because they are happy for no particular reason.
The plan for now is to do few “must do” things before I turn thirty, have a calm Christmas time with my family, celebrate my 30th birthday (not so calm, maybe) and leave to Portugal for one month running camp in Albufeira!

Few pictures to give you an idea about how:
- beautiful it was
- our accommodation and surroundings
- people we met

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