Supported by Inspecta OY, Latvijas Valsts Meži, Mammadaba, NISSAN Norde, Adidas, Syform second edition of BE_FORCE training camp will take place during 18.08.-20.08.2015 in Spare, Latvia.
BE_FORCE_2015 (2)
It’s busy time with few days left till WOC starts so it’s good to distract my mind a little bit and do something for future. Therefore I invite junior orienteers (aged 17-20) from Baltic states to participate in 2nd edition of BE_FORCE training camp. Send me your motivation letter in free form, include your future goals, you best results so far and tell me why you want to be part of this camp.
More information will be added to this post later on so pay a visit to from time to time!
Facebook event will be created after motivation letter deadline 09.08. and all the participants invited to join.
Feel free to contact me about traveling options to/from Riga and other questions regarding camp!
See you!